Commercial Inspection Prince George

It is not only expensive to purchase commercial property, but it also requires research and consideration before a purchase can be made. Property investors, insurance companies, loan providers, and Commercial Mortgage-backed Security (CMBS) providers always conduct property condition assessments (PCAs) to evaluate a property before investing.
Baseline services include a walkthrough survey by the inspector, where he or she performs a thorough inspection of the property’s physical condition on-site.

During an assessment, we look at components and systems that are critical to the structure, including HVAC, mechanical and electrical systems, interior and exterior elements, roofing, basement, and foundation.
Many services that offer Commercial Inspection in Prince George also ask for and examine documents and information about the property. A few examples of relevant documents are rental agreements, occupancy certificates, fire safety certificates, service contracts, repairs, and maintenance records. Inspections by our commercial inspector are conducted following the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP) – a process and system that is industry-recognized.

Best Commercial Inspector in Prince George

Commercial property managers can choose from several options when hiring an inspector for their buildings. An inspection of a commercial property may be conducted by an inspector with experience in the construction industry, property management, maintenance, and similar subjects. Hiring a professional inspector is always the best option. Several companies provide both commercial and residential inspection services. Residential inspections are very different from commercial inspections. If you want a commercial inspection, it’s best to hire a company that is well versed in commercial properties. We have the best Commercial Inspectors in Prince George that are dedicated to their work and understand its importance as an asset, investment, and source of revenue.